Hello, I'm Caroline


I’m an early 70s kid who grew up on a dairy farm in the north of England. Every cow had a name and we drank their unpasteurised milk, a key ingredient in our velvety homemade vanilla ice cream. My tastebuds were sealed when I was knee-high to a cow. Food would form an important part of my life.

I cultivated a patch of farmland aged nine and grew green beans and other nutritious goodies that the neighbours would slather in rich salty butter and feed to their kids. By 13, I’d nurtured a pen full of chickens that produced the best double yolkers for miles.

At 16, I started my journey as a chef and a couple of years later landed my first dream job, heading up patisserie at a prestigious Cotswolds hotel. We used the very best ingredients to create everything from delicious smelling gourmet breads, through to carefully curated petit fours, and our Michelin starred lighter than air apricot soufflé.

I was living the gastronomic dream.


And then the crisis hit. I developed severe IBS which took over my life.

Shifts at the restaurant could last up to 15 hours and there was little opportunity to slow down. I refused to listen to my body. But eventually the pain got the better of my passion. I was forced to close the door on my foodie career in my 20s. I’d gained three stones (19kg) and felt like a failure.

I moved to London to take up a job in banking in my 30s. But that just meant swapping one form of stress for another.

Weekends involved boozing, barely sleeping, and mopping up hangovers with beige junk food. Then Monday. Then Friday. Then pain - literally doubled up. Often resulting in me being hospitalised. I could gain and lose a stone (6kg) within a month.

Eventually, I slowed down a little. But after a number of heartbreaking miscarriages in a short space of time, it was clear there was a bigger problem.

A New Start


I turned 40. Left banking. Packed my bags and said goodbye to the bright lights of London and began a new life in Sydney. The light, gentle pace and energy helped my shoulders to drop a little and my IBS began to clear up. I found the space to heal and accept my childlessness.

But my energy levels were still low. Sleep was choppy and my weight was still all over the place. It was time for a complete health overhaul. I said goodbye to...

  • coffee
  • sugar
  • alcohol
  • processed food (wheat and anything from a packet)...

Hello Yoga

Caroline Brakewell Yoga About Page

And hello to yoga, light exercise and the kitchen once again. I began to experiment with healthy home cooking using clean and natural whole foods.

Day four sans coffee was one of the worst days of my life. But by day 21 – roughly the time it takes the body to adjust to a new habit – I was on fire. My skin was glowing and I’d reached a new level of relaxation thanks to the yoga and exercise. My energy levels rocketed. I had muscle definition. And I was sleeping better.

I was symptom free for the first time in TWENTY YEARS.

Within eight weeks of clean living I became pregnant naturally. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Beatrice, just before my 43rd birthday.

Caroline Brakewell About Me Page with Bea

The last thing on my mind was shedding the four stones (25kg) gained during pregnancy. With new eating habits in place, the weight fell off naturally within a couple of months.


Caroline Brakewell Cooking Class About Me page

I’m sharing what I’ve learnt to help others make small tweaks that become life changing shifts.

We look beyond the food you’re eating to see what else is on your plate. Untangle what’s going on in your relationships, at work, with physical exercise and spirituality (if that’s your thing – if not, no biggie). It’s all about freeing up mental and emotional space so you can live your very best life.

You'll learn how to confidently experiment with super nutritious and yummy dishes in smart ways. 

All the time I’ll be on your side. Gently nudging you to make those small but significant tweaks, the ones that become life changing shifts.

If you’re ready to make small tweaks that become life changing shifts, book in your FREE chat.