Irritable Badass Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – no wonder it’s taken forever to become mainstream with a name like this. Who wants to become the butt of a joke by discussing their bowel movements? Or lack of.

I suffered with excruciating IBS from aged 17 into my late 20s. Following lots of painful trial and error with different foods (raisin bread – bad, warm lemon water – good), it started to clear up in my 30s. 

Lots of us suffer without being diagnosed, making it difficult to treat. The recent link between IBS and endometriosis makes it even more confusing for the one in five Australian women that suffer with IBS. 



I was convinced my IBS was solely food related. But after being hospitalised due to severe attacks, I began to notice that the bed rest alone brought about a huge sense of relief. There was something about being cared for and nurtured that brought about a peacefulness that would shut out the pain. 

I began to realise it was more than bad beige food choices causing the attacks. There was a clear link to the central nervous system. Not one doctor told me about this; I honestly don’t think it had occurred to them. 

I took part in my first yoga class aged 25. I’m still practising 20 years later and will continue for the rest of my life – knowing the effects of this ancient practice help keep my head in check and IBS at bay. 

After years of experimentation, I came up with these tweaks that helped me wave goodbye to IBS for good. I'd love to hear what works for you.

Keep IBS In Check