It’s All About Me (Time)

You may have read the stories about the dying who regret making work their top priority.

It’s difficult not to in today’s competitive world and, for many, it’s what drives us. Same for motherhood – it’s easy to let go of who we are for the sake of the kids.

It seems hard to believe we can be more productive at work and more present as parents by shifting the focus onto ourselves, simply by taking more ME TIME, no matter how busy (we think) we are. Try weaving some of these wonders into your world:

  • Wake up. Set an intention for the ‘me time’ you’re going to take today
  • Leave your desk. Even if it’s for 15 minutes. Sit outside. Reset
  • Spend time in nature. For at least an hour over the weekend. Or when walking to work. It’s in the cracks of the pavement, if you look for it!
  • Ditch your device one day a week. OK, eight hours. Maybe four. You WILL survive. Man evolved for millions of years before Apple landed. Be with you
  • Book a massage, or Reiki, whatever takes you away. You deserve it
  • Note the good stuff in a gratitude journal. It'll help you appreciate the beauty amongst the chaos and give you a chance to slow down for a bit 
  • Get a nutrition & wellness coach! Make it all about you and your health for an hour every couple of weeks. Your mind, body and soul will thank you.
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