Why the "D" Word has to Die(t)

As a nutrition & wellness coach I’ve studied dozens of diets. Some are good – they provide a level of nutrition. Some are bad. Very bad. Yucky synthetic powdered supplements, anyone?  

Thanks to powerful marketing, who doesn’t crave the ‘perfect’ body shape? But more often than not, the latest fad diet isn’t the answer. It usually means loading yourself with crap. Which results in you starving yourself of the nutrients you need to function properly. 

It’s how the industry makes billions of dollars. You switch from one diet to another in the hope of finding that elusive fix. Then shame. And guilt. The body ends up starving – literally! – so it holds onto every last bit of fat it can. Which lines you up for the next diet. And so the cycle continues… 

That’s why I don’t like the word ‘diet’. Instead, I focus on people as individuals. One man’s food is another man’s poison and all that. 

Where to start… shift your focus from diet to conscious eating. Sounds a bit hippy but simple things like changing the way we shop – choosing farmers’ markets over supermarkets – is a great start. 



Let plant based nutritious foods take over your kitchen. Switch white rice with brown rice. Replace mash. Yes, replace it (I know, I love it too, especially with butter and full-fat milk once in a while) with sweet potato. Look at what else is going on your plate (or in your glass) it’s usually representative of what’s going on in your life.

As a rule, buying whole foods over packet or convenience food means you won’t ever have to worry about the D word again. 

Let me know what's on your plate.

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